Our Platforms:



Retail Services

Auris’ Retail Services allow customers to integrate a Retail Portal, use our CRM tool and use our Telecom Billing Platform hosted in the cloud to create and manage prepaid and postpaid products such as: Pinless, bundled products, minute packages, promotional rates, Pay as you Go, and international recharge of airtime.

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Carrier Services

Auris’ Carrier Services offer efficient trading, transcoding, dynamic routing, flexible billing and management of voice traffic through our Hosted Wholesale Switch. Customers can seamlessly add and modify new carriers, configure related voice protocol information, and control payment terms.

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Our Platforms:


Retail I/S Platform

The Retail I/S Platform allows MSO’s, MVNO’s, MNO’s, resellers and distributors to create flexible billing plans such as: minute packages, bundle services, among others.

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Top Up Platform

The Top Up Platform allows voice resellers to sell recharges of international mobile airtime by aggregating their own operators or use Auris’ 200 operators worldwide.

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Wholesale Platform

The Wholesale Platform offers carrier grade services with efficient trading, intelligent routing, transcoding, management of voice traffic and flexible rating.

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Why Auris:

With global reach, Auris provides innovative solutions and services for telecom operators and retailers to serve their customers better. The commitment to provide excellent service is in our DNA.

Auris understands the unique demands of each customer and strives to meet their goals, adding value with an innovation culture as the primary driver of success.

Auris is a recognized Platform provider in the industry and pioneer in offering cloud-based hosted voice solutions, counting with a team of seasoned professionals known in the market.

Currently, Auris serves 250+ customers worldwide and processes over 7 billion minutes a year. Auris was founded in Miami, Florida, in 2002, as part of the CIMA Group of companies with 32 years of experience in Telecommunications.

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